How To Balance and Store Your Battery

Balancing and Storing Your Battery

Follow these steps to balance your ebike battery:

  1. After your first ride, regardless of the distance ridden or the amount of battery used, charge the battery for just under 12 hours (but never exceeding the 12-hour mark). Note: this will most likely require staying plugged in and charging even after the charger indicator light turns green.

  2. Once you are near the 12-hour mark (do not exceed 12 hours) disconnect the charger from the wall outlet, then from the battery.

  3. On your next use, ride your ebike normally.

  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for the first three rides for a total of three (3) battery balance charge sessions.

     5. After the third balance charge and fourth ride, begin normal charging procedures including:

  • Charging the battery after each ride according to the Battery Charging Information section.

  • Removing the charger from the battery shortly after the green charge light indicating the battery is full, which will typically occur between 3-7 hours.

  • Never leave the battery charging for longer than 12 hours.

  • Never leave the battery/charger unattended while charging.

Repeat battery balancing steps 1-5 only after a period of long-term battery storage (see the Long-Term Battery Storage section), if experiencing noticeable range decline, when instructed to do so by Fission Support, or up to once per month with frequent use as proactive battery maintenance. Do not perform battery balancing more than once per month.

For storing your Fission Cycles Bike longer than two weeks:

  1. Charge (or discharge) the battery to approximately 75%.

  2. Do not leave the battery attached to the bike frame. Remove it from the bike during long-term storage.

  3. Store the battery in a dry, climate-controlled, indoor location between 50 °F – 77 °F (10 °C – 25 °C).

  4. Check the battery every month, and if necessary, use the charger to charge the battery to 75% charged.

Please follow the above instructions for storing your bike and battery. Failure to follow proper battery storage procedures can result in a non-functional battery. Replacement will not be covered under warranty.

When you first receive your bike, and for the first three charge cycles, complete the procedure outlined below to ensure the cells that power the battery are balanced and operating as efficiently as possible.

If storing your Fission bike for longer than two weeks at a time, follow the instructions below to maintain the health and longevity of your battery.

If the battery is physically damaged, non-functional, performing abnormally, or was dropped or involved in a crash, with or without obvious signs of damage, please discontinue use and charging and contact Fission Cycles.

Do not cover up the charger while it is charging. The charger air cools and needs to

be on a hard, flat surface in an open space. Use the charger with the indicator lights facing upward. Do not use the charger inverted, which can inhibit cooling and reduce charger lifespan.

Do not open the battery housing, which will void the warranty and can result in damage to the battery, property or cause serious injury and/or death.

 If you are not confident in your ability to successfully and safely perform all steps, we recommend having the work performed or checked by a local, certified, and reputable bike mechanic.