Disc Brake Information And Usage.

Disc brakes have varying amounts of stopping power depending on adjustments and pad conditions. Use extreme caution when applying the brakes. Never apply the brakes too hard or too quickly which could cause you to lose control and fall. The excessive or sudden application of the front brake could pitch the rider over the handlebars which may result in severe injury or death.

Never ride with worn brake pads or improperly adjusted brakes.

Brake Reach:

Some bikes have adjustable brake levers. These can be adjusted to fit each rider’s specific needs. For example, if you have a short reach, you may need the levers adjusted closer to the handlebar. This adjustment or brake lever replacement should be done by a qualified bike technician or bike shop.

Ensure that the brakes and their system components are free from damage, properly secured, and working correctly. When fully squeezed, both front and rear brake levers should not be touching the handlebar. Take your bike to a certified, reputable bike mechanic to have the brakes repaired if you find a problem.

Disc brakes and discs get extremely hot during use and could burn skin. Also, the disc edges may be sharp and could cut skin. Avoid touching the disc or disc brake when hot, or when rotating.

Disc brakes may have sharp edges that could cut you. Also, after extended use, your disc brakes may get extremely hot, take exceptional care not to touch them until they have cooled.

Fission Cycles bikes come equipped with disc brakes. These bakes are different from other general types of brakes associated with bikes. Most bikes typically use rim brakes which operate by squeezing the wheel rim between two brake pads. Disc brakes squeeze a hub-mounted disk between two pads. Stopping power on your bike can vary depending on adjustments and pad thickness and wear. Consult your local bike shop about brake options and adjustments based on your specific needs.

Front and rear brake levers contain safety power cutoff switches, which disable the hub motor’s assistance when applied. Both levers should be checked for correct operation before each ride. If the brake lever cutoff switches are not working, please contact Fission Cycles Support.

 If you are not confident in your ability to successfully and safely perform all steps, we recommend having the work performed or checked by a local, certified, and reputable bike mechanic.