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Battery Usage and Information

How Best to Use Your Battery.

Bleeding Hydraulic Disc Brake

If the brakes feel soft or slow to respond then the hydraulic disc brake system needs to be bled. It is also necessary to bleed the system after you have opened the system to the air. Such as when shortening the hydraulic hose.


Disc Brake Information And Usage.

Challenging Riding Conditions

Wet weather, remote areas, night riding, and extreme off-road riding presents various challenges and hazards a rider must account for.

Charging Your Battery

How to Charge Your Battery

Electrical System (Throttle/Display/Cutoff)

Electrical System Features

Fork and Frame

How to Inspect Your Fork and Frame.

General Operating Guidelines

Pay special attention to all the general operating rules below before operating your Fission Bike.

Handlebar Stem and Front Wheel Alignment

How to align your bike Stem and Wheel.


Helmet Information and Warning.

How To Balance and Store Your Battery

Balancing and Storing Your Battery

How To Use Thumb Throttle/Pedal Assist

How Throttle and Pedal Assist Work