Affiliate Shops

We strive to deliver fast expert customer service. For this reason, we have partnered with local bike shops all across the nation. Each shop has years of technical knowledge and experience. We will work closely with our affiliate shops to complete assemblies, repairs, maintenance, and warranty work. 

Assembly Rebate

Fission is excited to offer a $50 rebate to anyone who has their new Fission eBike assembled at an affiliate or dealer location. 

How it works:

1. Check out our dealer/affiliate map to see if there is a shop near you.

Note: Assembly rates vary depending on location. Check with your local shop to get an assembly quote.

2. Make an appointment with your local shop. Contact us, when you order, if you would like to have your bike shipped directly to the shop.

3. Send us your receipt after the assembly is complete and we will credit $50 back to your card/account.


Receive a $50 virtual amazon gift card by email.