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E-Bikes on Public Lands

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

While many consider 2020 to be the year they would rather forget, one good thing did happen. The Department of the Interior has increased access for electric bike users on national forest lands and grasslands. Over 60,000 miles of trails and roads are now accessible to eBikes under one horsepower. Initially there was some opposition to this change. However, most can agree that as technology advances we all must adapt to stay current. The introduction of eBike on National Forest trails could ultimately be very beneficial for the National Park Service.

How are eBikes beneficial? The key to increasing conservation efforts is through education and exposure. Studies show that electric bikes allow riders to go further and faster than they could on acoustic bicycles. Now park visitors will have the opportunity to see even more of the splendors that our National Parks have to offer. Imagine riding your eBike to Old Faithful, then over to the Grand Prismatic Spring, and finally past the Painted Pots. It would be a truly amazing way to see Yellowstone, not to mention riding an eBike would cut down on a lot of car fumes.

Where can you ride? According to the US Forest Service website, class 1, 2, and 3 eBikes are allowed on over 60,000 miles of trials and roads in both the national forest and grasslands. Electric bikes can be used on the same trails as acoustic bikes. This includes some areas where year-round resorts operate on Forest Service land under a special use permit.


Always check the trail markers and regulations before riding on public lands and stay within the designated areas. This will help ensure eBike users access to public lands for years to co

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