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E-Bike Trails on the East Coast

In August of 2019, National Parks in the United States began to allow e-bikes in all parks across the nation on their trails. This was a step forward for the e-bike community. Although National Parks are safe to ride in, here are some suggestions for some other great e-bike trails along the east coast of the US.

Photo Credit: wilmingtonandbeaches.com

River to Sea Bike Trail (Wilmington, NC)

This trail is 11 miles long and spans from downtown Wilmington to Wrightsville Beach. All bikes are welcome and the trail is easy to navigate. There are different terrains including residential streets and off-road pathways. At the end of this trail, the beach awaits, so don't forget to bring your sunscreen and bathing suit along for the ride!

Photo Credit: Jason Minto/The News Journal

Southern Delaware Heritage Trail (Milford, DE)

One of the longest trails in the United States, this bike path stretches 130 miles all over Sussex County in Delaware. It has beautiful views all around and you can take any bike type on this trail. If you are looking for a lengthy biking challenge, give this ride a whirl!

Photo Credit: Cindy Barks

Eastern Trail (Kittery, Maine)

Currently 28.9 miles long, this trail is part of a 3,000 mile long trail that will eventually stretch from Maine to Key West, Florida. Much of the trail is part of the old Eastern Railroad trail which was in operation in the 1800s and carried passenger and freight trains. The trail continues on to an old town named Kennebunk that is full of New England architecture. You will get your fair share of urban areas, quaint towns, and wilderness through this trail. It isn't a difficult journey, so it would be perfect for families to ride together on!

Photo Credit: hickok23

Chief Ladiga Trail (Anniston, Calhoun County, Alabama)

This trail spans 33 miles long and also follows an old railroad corridor! The trail is named after the Creek Indian Leader who signed the 1832 Cusseta Treaty which surrendered the tribe's remaining land to the area. The trail is beautiful and an easy path to follow. It is full of many scenic views so don't forget your camera!

Photo Credits: ajw

Silver Comet Trail

After ending at the Alabama border from the Chief Ladiga Trail, you will be continued on this trail in Georgia. It was named after the Silver Comet, which was a passenger train from the Seaboard Air Line that was in operation between 1947-1969. It took passengers from New York to Birmingham. Many wonderful views are available on this trail including old towns, remains of the railroad, and this "spooky" tunnel pictured above. The trails are very well-maintained so if you are planning to go, you will be pleased!

Photo Credit: NachezTraceTravel.com

Natchez Trace Parkway (Natchez, MS)

Want to spend over a week on the trails? Try this 444 mile adventure on out for size! It's located in Natchez, Mississippi and travels all the way to Nashville, Tennessee. Although this is a long ride, it is safe — there are many signs that tell vehicles to share the road. The maximum speed for traffic on this road is only 50 mph as well and there are no stop signs or traffic lights you would have to go through.

The scenery on this ride will be beyond amazing! There are farmlands, forests, and flowing water that you will be able to experience on your venture. There are also plenty of historical sites to visit on the way as well, including victorian homes and civil war battlegrounds.

Since this will take you over a week to complete, there are plenty of cottages and guest houses on the way that are cycler friendly. Make sure you pack your toothbrush!


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