Affiliate Program

Our goal is to offer quality service for all of our customers through ongoing partnerships with local bicycle shops. Joining our teams of affiliates is free, and Fission will work with your shop to provide all the latest guidance for servicing our products. 

Why become an affiliate?

  • Your shop will be listed as a service location on our website.

  • Fission will refer customers to your shop anytime we sell a bike in your area.

  • We will offer incentives for our customers to have their bikes assembled in local affiliate shops.

  • Get up-to-date instructional materials 

  • Fast support for troubleshooting and ordering replacement parts. 

What is your role as an affiliate?

  • All things that move will eventually wear down or break. As an affiliate location, you would be our number one choice for servicing local Fission eBikes.

  • Be a local advertiser. As more bikes are sold in your location, there will always be a need to have them assembled and serviced. This translates into more revenue for your local business and a lot of satisfied customers. 

As an affiliate, your shop would be a trusted location for our customers to get their bikes assembled, repaired, and adjusted. We would also be available to provide your shop direct support. Fission would depend on your shop to help perform warranty repairs when the need arises. Our goal is that this partnership will bring more customers to your business and give our customers more peace of mind. We believe strongly in the importance of local and community support.